We strive to provide dependable, predictable, and valuable services for real estate professionals. That's why our photography and our 3D scanning services begin at $135. To download the most up-to-date price guide, with full details on our services, simply click the link below. No strings attached. 



We have compiled some frequently asked questions for our new clients so they are fully informed before we do business together. 

  1. When will I receive the finished photos? What about Matterport and Aerial Video?
    We always deliver images and Matterport Virtual Tours the morning following your appointment. Aerial services are delivered soon thereafter. 

  2. How do you deliver photos?
    We utilize Dropbox to send MLS, Print, and Web Resolution photos to you. We provide Dropbox links on all of our invoices so you can never lose them! Give Chad Davies a call at 916-316-6787 if you are new Dropbox, we can have you set-up in just a few minutes. 

  3. How do you take payment?
    We handle all of our payments online via credit or debit card. Invoices are serviced using the super-secure www.squareup.com platform.

  4. It is past noon and I don't see my images! Where are they?
    Chances are your email spam filter blocked us. Verify that your spam preferences allow emails from "squareup.com" to be received. 

  5. I need to reschedule, what do I do?
    Even if you schedule us by phone, you can reschedule your appointment online. Simply search your inbox for the listing address in question, and locate the Appointment Confirmation email from squareup.com. You can click the reschedule button there! Please note that we do charge a $50 rescheduling fee for appointments changed less than 12 hours before their originally scheduled time.  

  6. A DIG photographer arrived to my property, but it wasn't quite ready for photos, what now?
    We will call to reschedule the photography appointment with you ASAP. A $50 rescheduling fee will be applied to your next appointment. 

  7. I lost the link to my photos! Can you help me?
    YES! We keep links to all photography active for 12 months. Shoot us an email with the listing information so we can get you taken care of quickly!

  8. My listing agreement expired, can I sell the photos to another agent? What if the seller would like to keep them?
    Unfortunately not. Davies Imaging Group owns copyrights to all images we produce. By becoming our client, we are licensing you rights to use the images we take for use in one transaction. Those rights are non-transferable and cannot be extended to third parties. To use images beyond the life of a listing agreement, written permission must be acquired by Davies Imaging Group.