SOLD: The Plant Family is Growing!


We met up with Tyler and Kelsie Plant alongside their agent Cherie Schaller earlier this week. After visiting their existing home in Roseville, we made a quick trip to their new home in Rocklin where we took some time to reflect on their blazing-fast transaction. 

Tyler and Kelsie Plant posing with their two Boxers in front of their existing home on Rice Street in Roseville, California.

Tyler and Kelsie Plant posing with their two Boxers in front of their existing home on Rice Street in Roseville, California.


What are three words that best describe you as a couple?
Competitive... Goofy... Loving :)

Let's talk about the home you just sold at Rice Street in Roseville - what originally excited you about that home?
Just the fact that it was our first house was exciting, but the floor plan was really bright and open, and we didn't have to do anything to it. Totally move-in ready!

And why did you choose that specific area of Roseville? Did anything draw you in?
It was an older more mature neighborhood and the homes have a little more character. 

What made you two decided to find a new home? Did anything prompt you to leave?
Time to upgrade! Time for more space, we're planning for kids in the future and the schools in our new neighborhood are great. 

That brings us to Cherie Schaller, your agent on both transactions. How did you meet her?
We actually met her at the open house for this home. 

It sounds like you immediately fell in love since she helped sell your existing home as well! That's great. 
What was the scariest moment during your transaction - buy or sell side?
In all seriousness, it went very smoothly. Getting our house ready for sale was the most stressful. I think we started preparation on a Monday and had an open house the following Sunday. New carpet, new front yard, new backyard, and the whole house painted in 4 days. 

Wow, you could start a business around that. That's pretty impressive, congratulations. It seems like everything worked out in your favor. 
Do you have any recommendations for those looking to buy or sell soon?

If you are selling your house... to buy a new house... make sure your house is ready first.
I think if we put our house on the market 3 days after, it would have been a lot less stressful... Luckily it all worked out though!

Speaking of your new home, what are your favorite features?
Kitchen. Pool. Master Bath. The outside bar.

So pretty much the whole house! Were there any specific reasons you chose this neighborhood?
it's quiet, safe, and close to family. This area of Rocklin is a little more mellow than some parts of Roseville, like around Galleria Boulevard. 

Any final thoughts?

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